Hope Ainsworth /// Jacob Janes /// Misato Pang

Opening Friday, July 30, 7–10 PM

TV Room: Hope Ainsworth is a multidisciplinary, experimental artist based in Saint Louis. Her work is centered in utilizing non-traditional materials and developing techniques. Illustrating candid examples of humanoids wandering through a life parallel to ours. 

Living Room: Jacob Janes is a painter living in St. Louis. He is a lifelong wrestler, returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and mediocre skateboarder. Prior to earning his MFA from Marywood University, he also studied fine art at Lindenwood University and Mount Gretna School of Art. His paintings are figurative poems; playful, simplistic abstractions of common subjects, born from a sense of necessity.

Misato Pang was born and raised in Hong Kong to Japanese and Chinese parents.  She migrated to the United States during late adolescence. Up until recently, she lived in New York City and relocated to St. Louis in the past year. Misato's works overlap personal narrative and cultural events, some of which allude to current social phenomena and political discourse in Asia. She received her MFA in painting from the New York Studio School and has participated in various residencies and exhibitions in the United States, Hong Kong, and Japan.

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